II. Contest Rules Short Film

1. Categories (Groups C and D)  
Amateur filmmakers  (C1 children, C2 adolescents, C3 adults)
Professional filmmakers (D1 filmmakers in training, D2 professional filmmakers)

2. Disciplines and Form
at least 1 (one) video short film up to approx. 5 minutes and/or
at least 2 (two) mobile phone short films at approx.
1.5 minutes (1 min 30 sec) each

3. Subjects
II.1. Suspense without violence and/or
II.2. The influence of music on the expression of a film
II.3. Conflict resolution with humour

4. Entry Conditions

  • The (pieces of) work are uploaded by the entrant to the electronic image database;
  • Every piece of work is described in detail with regard to the subject;
  • for each short film containing spoken words, a written translation into English and German is to be submitted (if a prize is awarded, the translator will be included);
  • Please use the highest available resolution of your equipment and the MP4 format;
  • If an entrant is awarded a prize, he/she will make his/her CV available;
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

(Entry Deadline:  30 September 2010)
This deadline has been extended to 7 October 2010.

It is recommended to upload the (pieces of) work four days before the entry deadline at the latest and to send the application form by post in a timely manner.


Datahaus Publishing und dmmd wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg!