III. Contest Rules Animation, Game

1.a. Categories Animation (Groups E and F) 
Amateur filmmakers  (E1 children, E2 adolescents, E3 adults)
Professional filmmakers (F1 filmmakers in training, F2 professional filmmakers)

1.b. Categories Game
Amateur game developers (G1 children, G2 adolescents, G3 adults)
Professional game developers (H1 game developers in training, H2 professional game developers)

2.a. Type, Technology, Format / Animation
Completed animated short film, maximum length of 5 minutes
Technology can be chosen freely: 2D/3D animation, flash, animated cartoon, stopmotion, flip book, etc.
technical specifications: e.g. Quicktime h264
Format: MP4

2.b. Type, Technology, Format / Game
Playable prototype with
Game design document (including game mechanics, concept art, etc.)
Type of genre can be chosen freely (Jump&Run, Adventure, etc.)
Type of technical implementation can be chosen: flashplayer, Unity, Ogre, ect.
Platform: Windows XP

3. Subjects
III.1. Suspense without violence and/or
III.2. The influence of music on the expression of a film
III.3. Conflict resolution with humour

4. Entry Conditions

  • The (pieces of) work are uploaded by the entrant to the electronic image database;
  • Every piece of work is described in detail with regard to the subject;
  • For each piece of work containing spoken words, a written translation into English and German is to be submitted (if a prize is awarded, the translator will be included)
  • If an entrant is awarded a prize, he/she will make his/her CV available;
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

(Entry Deadline:  30 September 2010)
This deadline has been extended to 7 October 2010.

It is recommended to upload the (pieces of) work four days before the entry deadline at the latest and to send the application form by post in a timely manner.

Datahaus Publishing und dmmd wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg!