2nd International Photo and Short Film Contest 2010

under the motto: Prevention of Violence against Children and Adolescents


The »agi ArbeitsGruppe International« (agi Workgroup International) and the non-profit-organization »Glückliche Familie e.V.«  (Happy Family e.V.) launch this Contest in collaboration with universities, colleges, academies and other institutions and cooperation partners.

Fields : Photography, Short Film, Animation, Game

This Contest aims at raising the awareness of practiced and consumed forms of violence, and at bringing these into the centre of social life.

As a much-used means of information, the key media of photography, film and animation can make a major contribution to this.

Therefore positions of artistic subjectivity as well as any documentary approaches to the subject are welcome.

 We assume that artistic talent not only commits to pursuing one’s own interests, but also common interests. That is why we ask you to use your talent for the Contest and the protection of children and adolescents against violence.


Datahaus Publishing und dmmd wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg!